Transform. Original illustration

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Original pen illustration on 300gsm Fabriano cotton paper, with authentic gold leaf detail. 

Transform is the second of my new series of original illustrations, inspired by the San Khoi culture and spirituality.

This piece is the second in my newest series and looks at transformation. It depicts a shaman turning into a bird. While his counterparts watch on.
'metaphors of transition that embody the non-sense but "true sense" of other myths are all associated, in one way or another, with shamanistic activities. Flight is depicted in a number of different ways, birds were associated with rain.'-San spirituality

My work speaks of the pain of transformation. The breaking point of realisation you have to let go of the past and move forward as the new version of yourself. Sometimes alone and with a loss of identity, yet a new found strength. A starting point.
Rituals were a daily practice for ancient cultures, the San people were well known for their cave paintings and representations of trance dances, conjuring their gods for guidance. 

This series of work is my personal reference of animals and symbolism that represents a greater narrative of enlightenment and my personal fascination with the San people.

My wish is to pass a little bit of their great spiritual knowledge on to the person who resonates with the work.