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The Adorned Home

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Our story


The Adorned, is a brand created by artist and Nastasha Minyon Sale 100% Committed to sustainability and celebrating artisanal craft.

Specialising in natural dyeing and block printing we offer an array of unique homeware products.

An ongoing collection of hand pulled art prints.

As well as limited capsule collections of original art.

The Adorned home, is completely dedicated to ensuring each process is completed with the utmost integrity. 

We would like to highlight how we are taking as many steps in the direction of sustainability as possible. 

Are you aware of what really goes into Synthetic dyeing?

Let's start with the chemicals, chromium, arsenic, copper, and zinc are just some of the chemicals that get released into our waterways from dye houses all over the world!

So much water is needed to produce dyed textiles. It can take up to 200L of water to dye only 1kg of fabric.

Not to mention most fast fashion houses are extremely unethical and treat their labour unfairly leaving them living in poverty even though they work harder than most.

How does The Adorned ensure that sustainability is at our core?

By collecting rainwater in big tanks I am able to use this water in place of tap water. 

We’ve been lucky enough to be able to store enough water to completely replace the need to use municipal water. 

We use plants to make our dyes!

All plant waste is collected from local supermarkets or alien plant clearing projects on local farms. Our used dye water is poured into our garden, as there is no need for harmful chemicals in our processes this is completely safe.

What you are investing in:

We use high quality plant based textiles that are completely biodegradable and will last you a long time! 

We ensure each product-development process is completed with the utmost integrity. 

Your product is guaranteed to be handcrafted with intention and respect for mother earth and all she has provided us with.

Natural dyeing colours can vary and therefore each small batch is slightly different, that’s why we offer unique once-off small capsule collections. 

I feel honoured as an artist to work so closely with the earth, offering you the colours of mother nature herself. 

By supporting our small business you are playing a part in supporting sustainable practices, which in turn is respecting our resources and how we use them.