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The Adorned

Our story

Hello and thank you for stopping by, welcome to artist Nastasha Minyon Sale's personal online store. I wanted this to be a direct link to easily purchase original art straight from the artist. The store offers a variety of lines and collections all personally handmade.

In store you can find an ongoing body of work The Adorned, a collection of hand illustrated wild animal skulls. 

As well as a collection of linocut prints, illustrations and original art. 

For collaborations, commissions or any questions please feel welcome to contact me. 

"When my Goddaughter was born, I couldn’t think of a better person to help me create an illustration filled with all the magic and hope I wish for this new being. Nastasha has always had the most fascinating capacity to grasp abstract ideas, turning her clients’ creative ambitions into illustrations of a poetic nature.

Lila Azorin Wisbeach

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Author's name

My Practice

"Illustration and print-making have been my predominant medium, with a keen focus on patterns.  Recently my practice has lead to a personal discovery of a mindful mark-making meditation, involving drawing spontaneous patterns, directly in black ink onto pre-painted animal skulls.

The skulls offer a wonderfully varied texture as well as the most beautiful natural shapes, which I use to direct the patterns. The adorned skulls offer a reinvention of the hunting trophy, one that honours the life of the animal in a new way."


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The Adorned


Shipping skulls abroad

Currently skulls can only be purchased online by buyers from South Africa. However if you would like to purchase a skull and you are living abroad please contact me. I am able to ship abroad we just need to deal with the order individually.