The Adorned, is an ongoing body of work by artist Nastasha Minyon Sale.

The body consists of an extensive collection of hand illustrated wild animal skulls.

All skulls are of natural death and completely unique, there is only one of each skull currently available, skulls may be sourced on request, subject to availability.

The artist creates them by firstly painting the skulls with a pearl base and drawing completely spontaneously onto the skulls in black ink, creating patterns through a meditative mark-making process.

The idea behind the work is a focus on how we view death and the after-life, how throughout history people have adorned their dead as a form of honour.

Nastasha wants to transform the idea of the skull being a representation of death or a hunting trophy, rather focusing on the adornment and honouring of the animal. Encapsulating it in illustration, transforming it into a timeless work of art.